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COVID19 Update

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

We are faced with a unique situation in our world today.

The COVID19 virus is not just a problem far away. It is now knocking on our doors. We are taking more than usual precautions to make sure that our patients are safe.

If you have traveled to any High-Risk Countries recently or may have been exposed to the corona virus OR
If you have upper respiratory or flu-like symptoms, PLEASE RESCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT and seek medical help, if necessary.

Based on CDC recommendations we suggest the following for our patients and visitors:

· Frequent HANDWASHING with SOAP AND WATER for 20 seconds

· Avoid SHAKING HANDS and/or touching your FACE

· COVER MOUTH and NOSE WITH TISSUE when sneezing or coughing

· Maintain social DISTANCE of 6 FT or more

· CLEAN and DISINEFECT frequently touched objects (EG: your cell phone)

· STAY HOME if you are sick

Here is a simple flowchart released by the CDC to help patients avoid going to the Emergency room or hospital:

Call our office 410-337-7755 with any questions. We hope you and your family are staying safe.

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