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Why do we do a Consultation First?

This is one of the questions we get asked often. There are several reasons why we do the consultation first and schedule the surgery for a later date.

1. Understand Surgical and Medical History

One of the primary objectives of a consultation is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the patient's surgical and medical history. This helps Dr. John to assess potential risks, identify any underlying conditions that might affect the procedure, and tailor the treatment plan accordingly. We may ask for additional information from your previous doctors (eg. primary care physician, cardiologist, neurologist, pulmonologist etc.), as needed.

2. Explore Treatment Options:

Every patient is unique, and their healthcare needs are approached with personalized care. We dont assume that every patient is aware of all possible treatment options. Consultations offer an opportunity for Dr. John to discuss various treatment options available for each persons specific need. Dr. John goes through the benefits, potential risks, and expected outcomes of each option. This collaborative decision-making process hopefully results in the best treatment plan based on each patients need and circumstance.

3. Discuss Anesthesia Options

For procedures that require anesthesia, consultations allow for a comprehensive evaluation of the patient's suitability for different anesthesia techniques. Not every patient is a candidate for any type of anesthesia. Many patient are also not aware of the different kinds of anesthesia that is offered in this office. By discussing anesthesia options, potential risks, and patient preferences, Dr. John can ensure a tailored, safe and comfortable experience during the procedure.

4. Ensure Appropriate Scheduling

Another critical aspect of the consultation process is scheduling. Without confiming the treatment plan and knowing what each patient is going to choose for the procedure and anesthesia, it is difficult for us to schedule the procedure at the same time as the consultation. Do we schedule for 30 minutes or 60 minutes? Due to this ambiguity, it is easier to schedule 30minutes just for a consultation and then schedule the procedure according to each patients convenience.

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